FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Skincare

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These are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding skincare:

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Why Get Facials?

Facial Services At Alternative Skincare and Wellness - Rancho Cucamonga 91730I have been asked several times, “why should I get facials?” and for some people they see it is a special treat or luxury to get a facial. We spend so much time and money having our hair and nails done why wouldn’t you put your best face forward to the world? Not to mention the health benefits of having a skin care professional analyze your skin monthly!

So, you are probably wondering what are the health benefits and what does a facial do for my skin?

Your skin is the largest organ in your body that protects and acts as a barrier from the elements and houses your organs. So, taking care of you skin doesn’t only help your appearance but it protects your health.

Licensed estheticians can’t diagnose skin conditions, but we can let you know when there is something suspicious that needs to be looked at by a dermatologist. When we analyze your skin we use a magnifying lamp that gives us a very close up look at your skin and we can see each and every pore and spot. And we take notes so we can tell if something is changing on your skin from one visit to the next. We also have tools like a wood’s lamp or dermascope that we can see things that can’t be seen with a naked eye like if the skin is dehydrated, clogged pores or even if the dark spots on your skin are deep. We also pay close attention to the texture and tone of your skin for any early signs of sagging or aging and can help keep your skin look younger longer with different products and treatments that can be done during your facial.

During your facial your skin is thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated with gentle scrubs and/or light chemical peels to slough off any dead skin and help with cellular turn over for a smooth even appearance. We use products in our treatment room that are stronger than what you can use at home since they are made for licensed professionals. A mask is applied that nourishes your skin to help with hydration and restore your skin’s natural barrier function. Treatment products are also used to address your specific skin concerns like blemishes, acne, dark spots, and fine lines.

Now for the most relaxing part the “massage”! Not only is it relaxing but it stimulates the collagen in your skin to helps with circulation giving an anti aging and plumping effect. The muscles in your neck and shoulders will be released and you will feel so relaxed. Feel free to fall asleep we don’t mind at all!

As skin care professionals, we will also recommend what products would be best for your skin and how to use them to get the most benefit out of what you buy. I encourage my clients to bring in the products they are using so I can see if they are using the correct products and in the right order to achieve their skin care goals! What you use on your skin at home only helps continue the improvements that are made during your facial so home care is extremely important.

Now why wouldn’t you get a facial? It is the same price as a manicure and pedicure and the results will last a long longer than the nail polish will with more benefits. You will leave looking and feeling refreshed with a boost of confidence. Your skin will look and feel better and your make up will go on so much smoother, you may even find you need to use less of it because you won’t have as much to cover up! I recommend getting facials monthly if you can’t afford to come in that often then come in as often as you can and make it priority! I promise if you take care of your skin it will take care of you and your esthetician will be your best friend.

Can Diet Affect Your Skin?

Diet and Your Skin - Alternative Skincare and Wellness - Rancho Cucamonga 91730This is a loaded question, but I will try to keep it simple and straight forward. Yes, diet can affect your skin! Let me explain….

Your skin is the largest organ of the body and it’s how we are protected from the environment. We also purge and detox things going on inside our body through our skin. When I analyze my client’s skin, I can often tell if they are taking a new medication, been sick or if they have been eating too much sugar or other foods.

You know the old saying, ‘we are what we eat?‘ Well, its actually very true and with our modern lifestyle of eating on the go and sometimes choosing some unhealthy, high sugar or greasy foods can show on our skin. Often it shows up as break outs and other times it can be the way the skin looks or feels. Glycation has been a new hot topic in skincare. It is when we consume too much sugar or carbohydrates and over time it can result in aging skin including the loss of collagen and elastin leading to wrinkles, loss of elasticity and stiffness. It can be problematic to reverse so as I tell all my clients its easier to prevent then reverse.

Drinking water is also very important for your skin. When I see dehydration lines (which looks like a bunch of little lines clumped together kind of like a dried sponge,) my clients often say I know I need to drink more water! Although, dehydrated skin can be from environmental influences and things inside your body like medications, supplements, etc. water helps to flush out all the toxins and keep things moving. So, drink up that H2O!

Eating healthy with lots of fruits and vegetables can give your skin a healthy glow from the inside out and can prevent premature aging in the future!

What Causes Acne (Pimples)?

Acne / Pimple Problems - Alternative Skincare and Wellness - Rancho Cucamonga 91730A break out or one big pimple always seems to come up at the wrong time! It never fails that there is an important event and you wake up and there is a big ugly zit, so what do you do?

First, you have to know why acne occurs in the first place and its not an easy answer because there can be many factors. Hormones, stress, clogged pores, diet, medication, there can be many reasons. Things that go on inside our bodies directly affect our skin. Do you ever notice when you are stressed or when your hormones are out of whack you get a break out? Or when we are sick or have a disease it shows up on your skin.

Here is what we do know about acne, the mayo clinic says this “Acne typically appears on your face, neck, chest, back and shoulders. These areas of skin have the most oil (sebaceous) glands. Acne occurs when hair follicles become plugged with oil and dead skin cells.

Hair follicles are connected to oil glands. These glands secrete an oily substance (sebum) to lubricate your hair and skin. Sebum normally travels along the hair shafts and through the openings of the hair follicles onto the surface of your skin.

When your body produces an excess amount of sebum and dead skin cells, the two can build up in the hair follicles. They form a soft plug, creating an environment where bacteria can thrive. If the clogged pore becomes infected with bacteria, inflammation results.

The plugged pore may cause the follicle wall to bulge and produce a whitehead. Or the plug may be open to the surface and may darken, causing a blackhead. A blackhead may look like dirt stuck in pores. But actually the pore is congested with bacteria and oil, which turns brown when it’s exposed to the air.

Pimples are raised red spots with a white center that develop when blocked hair follicles become inflamed or infected. Blockages and inflammation that develop deep inside hair follicles produce cyst-like lumps beneath the surface of your skin. Other pores in your skin, which are the openings of the sweat glands, aren’t usually involved in acne.”

So, now that you have some information on what acne is who do you treat it? Well, the first thing is to be on a good skincare regimen to keep the pores clean and to keep your oil glands from over producing oil. Sounds easy right? Not necessarily, everyone’s skin reacts differently so it may take some trial and error to figure out what works best for your skin.

What Does The SPF Number Really Mean?

What The SPF Number Means - Alternative Skincare and Wellness - Rancho Cucamonga 91730Have you ever gone to the store to buy sunscreen and not known what SPF to buy? Is the 45 better than the 30? Or should you get the highest spf? It can be very confusing and I hope to explain simply what all the numbers mean and what to look for when you are buying sunscreen.

The American Academy of Dermatology recommends to choose a sunscreen that has an SPF of 30 or higher, is water resistant, and provides broad-spectrum coverage, which means it protects you from UVA and UVB rays. And to reapply sunscreen at least every two hours to remain protected, or immediately after swimming or excessively sweating. People who get sunburned usually didn’t use enough sunscreen, didn’t reapply it after being in the sun, or used an expired product. Your skin is exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays every time you go outside, even on cloudy days and in the winter.

The number of the SPF means the amount of protection you get from the sun’s rays. For example, SPF 15 blocks 94% of the sun’s rays, SPF 30 blocks out 97% of the suns rays and SPF 45 block out 98% of the sun’s rays. Not a big difference right? The difference the higher the spf the more chemicals in the sunscreen and that can cause skin irritation. And if you are reapplying at least every two hours to remain protected is it really worth the small percentage of protection and take the risk of skin irritation? I never understood why baby sunscreen has such a high % which means more chemicals have to be used, why would you want more chemicals on a babies sensitive skin?

I recommend using a SPF30 and remember to reapply every 2 hours especially if you are out in the sun. It’s also a good idea to wear protective clothing with a UV block and a hat.

Is Using A Clarisonic Good For My Skin?

ClarisonicI often have questions about using a Clarisonic and thought I would let you know my thoughts on this device.

It is important to know that using a Clarisonic or similar device does not exfoliate but deep cleans the skin. I often use this device in my facials because I love how it not only deep cleans but also stimulates the tissue under the skin as it oscillates. The brush does not spin, but rather uses a sonic frequency. It is important to properly clean your brush after each using warm soapy water and I take mine off the handle and let it air dry.

How often should you use this kind of device? Good question, although the website says its safe to use it daily I would recommend using it 1-2 times a week so you do not over stimulate your skin. Sometimes less is more, too much can cause skin irritation and redness.

As far as the brushes, I like the gentle one that it comes with the best because its not too soft and not too coarse. I also love the luxe cashmere brush around my eyes and mouth.

I would say that using a device like this is well worth the money! I would get the Mia 1 that only has one spend because I don’t find a huge difference in speeds when using my Mia 2. And I wouldn’t go crazy ordering all the different brushes.

The only negative comment I have about Clarisonic is it was bought out by another company and ever since they have made it really difficult for skin care professionals to get them at wholesale and sell them at spas. There is now a requirement to order a large amount to purchase them and its disappointing because now only big box stores like Ulta, Sephora, department stores, etc can afford to sell them. And now its more difficult to use them in our treatments because brushes are not easily sanitized properly after each client so brushes need to be replaced often. This extra expense can increase the price of your facial because we can’t get them at a wholesale cost affordably. Or we simply can’t use them in our treatments and to me that is very sad!


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