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Life Coaching

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Life Coaching + Energy Healer = Spiritual Life Coaching
Specializing in EFT, NLP and Heartmath 

As an Energy Healer, I combine Life Coaching with a Spiritual element to guide you to find inner peace and harmony to be in alignment with your higher purpose to transcend to living fully and freely as your authentic self. Many different modalities including EFT also known as tapping, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP),  HeartMath, and Guided Visualization Meditations are used to optimize your coaching sessions. For a full transformation healing combine Spiritual Coaching, Energy healing and skin care services.

Spiritual Life Coaching

30 minute Consultation – Free
1- 60 Minute Session – $125


Customized packages are available for your individual needs. Here are some examples of our most popular transformational packages.

Transformational Packages
Spiritual Life Coaching
6 – 60 minute one on one sessions


Coaching and Energy Healing 
6 – 60 minute one on one sessions
2 – 105 minute Full Energy Healing Sessions
$850  Most Popular


Skin, Mind & Spirit Transformation
6 – 60 minute one on one sessions
2 – 105 minute Full Energy Healing Session
3 – 60 minute customized signature facials


What is Spiritual Life Coaching?

Spiritual Life Coaching is not religious or associated with a particular belief system. It is about discovering your higher purpose and knowing that everything in the world is connected. We are energy and everything is energy including animals, plants, the sun, etc. Cell phones, the internet and electricity that we use every day are also energy even though we can’t see it in the air to get the signal for our various electronics. When we know we are all connected we see the world from a different lens to find our greater purpose and meaning for being here in this space and time. 

What does a Spiritual Life Coach do?

I guide you as your coach, positive motivator and cheerleader to help light up the path between you and your goals. I help you solve what is holding you back and offer guidance on how to jump through hurdles that stand in your way. I assist you to explore your inner self and bring forth the universal connections with the intention of creating satisfaction or purpose from deep within. 

What can I gain from Spiritual Life Coaching?

If you don’t know what your life purpose is or where you would like to be or the road seems hazy or unclear I can help you navigate through them. Often it is old patterns, stories, limiting beliefs and wounds that continually create stumbling blocks. In the place of these I can help you to plant hope in the form of new stories to move past the blocks. Offer a lending hand in self discovery, acceptance and self acknowledgment which can be the keys to success. We can work together on your purpose, desire and goals to map out a path fueled by universal principles (like the law of attraction) and many other tools. I help you identify your misalignments in your life to get back into alignment to what brings you joy, satisfaction, love and connection in the job you do and all aspects of your daily life. To help you live a life filled with abundance, self love and gratitude.

Is Spiritual Life Coaching the same as therapy?

No. Therapy helps you focus on and review the patterns from your past, analyze where you may be feeling hurt, fearful, and help you move past these patterns and feelings so that they are no longer affecting your present. 

Spiritual Life Coaching helps you stand on everything you’ve learned from your past, whether easy or difficult, and learn from those experiences as life lessons. We focus on the present and future of how you want your life to look a year from now, or three years from now. I help you transform from where you are currently into the results of what you would love to have in your life. To help you design a life that you truly love living and help you turn that life into your reality.

What things can Spiritual Coaching help me solve?

So many things it’s hard to list them all but here are a few things that come up the most often.

  • Being stuck in a job that you know isn’t what you are mean to do and it drains your soul
  • Confusion about true purpose, and feeling stuck and uninspired
  • A busy stressful life with a to do list that feels overwhelming and never ending
  • Feelings of despair, fear, self doubt and limiting beliefs that hold you back from creating the life of your dreams
  • Difficulty in personal or love relationships or finding people who share your life journey
  • Health or other problems that continue to repeat themselves
  • Or anything else that keeps you stuck, unhappy or keeps you from living your best authentic life

How do I get started with Spiritual Life Coaching?

Set up a free consultation and we can get to know each other and see if we are a good fit. We can discuss your goals or what keeps you stuck and I can put a plan together for you to decide if it is right for you. No pressure and you don’t have to make a commitment on the spot. 

My story of how I came to be a Spiritual Life Coach

Stephanie Garcia - Alternative Skincare and Wellness - Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730I have always seen life through a spiritual lens and saw the beauty in nature. I was always searching for my higher purpose and believed that everything happens for a reason. As an empath, I suffered with anxiety and depression and didn’t realize that a lot of what I was feeling and experiencing was not my own but was from other people around me. Discovering this and what it meant freed me from thinking there was something wrong with me. I have had many people come into my life that inspired me as well as teachers from motivational books and seminars. I also had people who weren’t as positive come into my life for a short time to teach me many lessons. I’ve acquired knowledge and life lessons to heal from my past and live a purposeful life. It has always been my goal to turn negative or challenging experiences into a positive. I have done this by helping others and using my experiences to motivate and offer support to my friends and family and anyone needing support.  For years friends would say, “You should be a life coach” as I coached them along their journey in a positive, non judgmental loving way. It literally took a pandemic to go to school to get certified in the thing that always came natural to me, and become a certified Life Coach.

It was 2020 during the Covid pandemic, and it was so hard for me to not be able to see my clients as an esthetician and energy healer. I wanted to help people especially when I knew it was when they really needed self care and energy healing the most. I used the time at home to go within myself to discover how I could help people during this time of crisis. After meditation, reflection and self discovery I knew I needed to finally get certified doing what I like to do best and turn this crisis into a positive. It was time to become a certified Life Coach to help people navigate the changes that were coming on the other side of this pandemic. I found a beautiful program at SWIHA (SouthWest Institute of Healing Arts) that I could take online and make the most out of being at home quarantining. I wanted to learn more modalities to help people on their journey so I also got certified in EFT Tapping, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and HeartMath. Energy and Spiritualism is a part of who I am so I knew the only way to be a life coach was to combine them as a Spiritual Life Coach.

EFT Tapping

EFT Tapping at Alternative Skincare and Wellness - Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

EFT Tapping
Emotional Freedom Technique


What is Tapping?

Tapping is also known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). It is a powerful holistic healing technique that resolves a range of issues. It’s based on the combined principles of ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology.

The basic Tapping technique requires you to focus on a negative emotion at hand. This can be a fear, a worry, a bad memory, or any unresolved problem. You do this while maintaining your mental focus on this issue. Then you use your fingertips to tap 5-7 times on 9 specific meridian points of the body.

Tapping on these meridian endpoints, while addressing the root cause of distress, sends a calming signal to the brain. This allows you to feel relaxed and in control.


From “The Tapping Solution” Nick Ortner Interviewing the Best-selling author Louise Hay is known as the “Queen of Affirmations”, and knows better than anybody the power of positive focus. Her book “You Can Heal Your Life” has sold over 50 million copies worldwide!


From “The Tapping Solution” on “How To Tap” With Jessica Ortner



Heartmath - Alternative Skincare and Wellness - Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730HeartMath helps you tap into the power and intelligence of your heart; your heart’s intuition, which awakens you to the best version of yourself.

HeartMath Institute’s research demonstrates that different patterns of heart activity have different effects on your thoughts and behaviors. HeartMath reduces stress, improves sleep, helps restore energy, balances your emotions, increases focus and helps with tapping into your intuition.

With over 25+ years of research, 400+ independent peer-reviewed studies, 10k+ Health professionals use with patience and 500+ Hospital, schools and organizations use HeartMath.


Introductory Videos To HeartMath:

HeartMath Introduction
Science of the Heart
About HeartMath
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HeartMath Introduction:


Science of the Heart:


About HeartMath:


How Does HeartMath Work?