Schumann Resonance Frequency

Brainwaves have been separated into distinct frequency ranges which tend to be associated with distinct regions of the brain and certain states of consciousness. The different types of brainwaves are as follows:

Delta Waves | 0-4 Hz | associated with: very deep sleep, the subconscious, emotions, the endocrine system
Theta Waves | 4-8 Hz | associated with: REM sleep, deep relaxation, creative states of mind, learning
Alpha Waves | 8-12 Hz | associated with: eyes closed relaxation, calm states of mind, focused flow states, reflection, visualization
Beta Waves | 12-30 Hz | associated with: waking consciousness, alertness, concentration and focused states of mind
Gamma Waves | 30+ Hz | associated with: Higher consciousness, problem solving, highly creative and meditative states, widespread brainwave synchronicity, ideation, epiphanies

If we overlap the Schumann resonances with human brainwaves we get the following:

7.8 Hz Schumann frequency | Upper-theta to lower-alpha brainwave
14 Hz Schumann frequency | Low beta brainwave
20 Hz Schumann frequency | Middle beta brainwave
25 Hz Schumann frequency | Upper beta brainwave
33 Hz and greater Schumann frequencies | Gamma brainwaves

Our bodies stay in tune with the 7.83hz frequency. When there is a disruption to this field, our bodies feel it. Common feelings can include fatigue, dizziness, not feeling grounded, feeling ‘off’ or disassociated.



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This 5 day history to current day SpaceWeather video shows our current magnetic field and radiation belt.  As solar flares and solar winds hit the earth, they affect our Earth’s magnetic field. They in turn affect the Schumann Resonance Frequencies.